Carrum Bowling Club


In 1924 the Honorary Member Mr Keast set aside a section of land beachside of the Nepean Highway for the community of Carrum, for the purposes of recreation.

The formation of the local Bowling, Football, Tennis and Cricket clubs soon followed, situated on the land known as Keast Park.  In 1958 the Football and Cricket clubs relocated to the their current site on Roy Dore Park, however the Carrum Bowling Club and the Keast Park Tennis Club remained on the original site that Mr Keast had designated for community use.

In 1961 new clubs rooms were built to provide the much needed facilities to the thriving Bowling Club.

In 1996 the Keast Park Tennis Club closed and in 1997 the Bowling Club was able to utilize the land formerly used by the Tennis Club and install a second grass green.

2003 was an exciting time for the club when it was selected as the venue to film the movie Crackerjack. Some members of the club participated in the making of the movie making this event even more special for our club.

In 2006 a new synthetic green was installed providing the club members with the opportunity to play year round.

Our exciting new facilities were built during 2011 and in November 2011 we moved in ready for the start of the bowling season. These facilities include club rooms, a function centre which is available for both the club members and the Carrum community and a café/restaurant.

Construction of a new synthetic green to replace the original grass green commenced in November 2013 and was completed, and well tested, in time for the start of the 2014/15 pennant season. Proposed lighting for the new green will further enhance our club's facilities.